Beer in the Netherlands Updates 2014 to 2016

A supplement to Beer in the Netherlands is coming soon.

The 24-page Update gives an overview of changes in the last two years: new brewers/breweries, the best new beer cafés and places that have closed.

The Update fits inside, and will be sold together with the book.


Having spent my late teenage years in Kent and Sussex, home to malting houses, hop farms, ancient inns and ale from wooden casks, it wasn’t hard for me to get to love fine beers from an early age.

After moving to the Netherlands in 1989 I realised there was also more to the Continent than its endless variants on golden lager. In the early years this meant discovering the glorious brewing cultures of nearby Belgium and Germany. And for the last decade or so I’ve been following a welcome renaissance of craft brewing in the Netherlands with growing enthusiasm.

My guides to Dutch beer culture aim to help other beer lovers realise that Benelux beer is not only about Belgium; that there’s so much more to discover than industrial pilsener; and also to encourage landlords to stock more of their locally crafted brews. Proost!

Available from Cogan & Mater, publisher of the world’s greatest beers.

Beer in the Netherlands
The world’s only comprehensive guide to the Netherlands’ beer scene featuring an insider’s personal reviews of 180+ breweries, 1000+ beers and hundreds of specialist bier cafés.

  • 'Tim Skelton's new Beer in the Netherlands guide book shows that craft brewing is booming there and the country no longer hides in the giant shadow cast by Belgian beer. The book lists all the breweries and the best bars, and is a boon companion for beer lovers visiting the country.' – Roger Protz – Protz on Beer
  • 'An invaluable guide to the beer tourist visiting the Netherlands and as worthwhile a companion as CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide to Belgium.' – John Cryne – BGBW newsletter August 2014
  • 'The next time I head across the North Sea, it'll be the first thing I pack.' – Jeff Evans – Inside Beer

Around-Amsterdam-in-80-beersAround Amsterdam in 80 Beers - 2nd edition out now!
A handy guide to Amsterdam beer culture: 80 different beers and 80 unique places to taste them. The second edition features 38 new cafés and completely revised beer selections.

  •  ‘Tim, thank you for writing your book "Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers"!! This will be my 5th trip to Amsterdam and the Netherlands for beer and your book never has left my fingertips since I bought it in 2010! Proost!!’ – Chris Bettini – Social Media Coordinator at Beer Corner USA
  • ‘Endlessly useful guide to some interesting Amsterdam pubs’ – Victor,
  • ‘Excellent travel guide to getting the most out of cafe life in Amsterdam’ - Sue Webster "Susan" –
  • 'Anyone who is planning a trip to Amsterdam should buy it in my opinion’ -

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